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Plumbing Facts


Fun Fact 1:
Excavations in the Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland show drainage systems dating as early as 3000 BC.  Lavatory-like plumbing systems were fitted into recesses in the walls of  homes with drained outlets, and liquid wastes were drained to areas
either under or outside of buildings/homes.

Fun Fact 2:
Why are manhole covers round instead of square? A round manhole cover cannot fall through its circular opening, whereas a square manhole cover could be turned diagonally and fall through. Circular manhole covers are also easier to place back
into original position, and do not need to be rotated for alignment.

Fun Fact 3:
The ‘Big Stink’ in London (1858– 1859) led to the installation of large new sewers to deliver wastes to the Thames River to a discharge point downstream of the Parliament
Buildings. Queen Victoria was so excited about the new larger sewer tunnels that she ordered a small rail line to be installed therein to transport people through the sewer.

What’s Dirtier than Your Toilet?
If this story doesn’t get you reaching for the Dettol – nothing will!

Let’s start with the good news … the toilet is one of the cleanest things in
any house! Who knew? The reason is that your toilet is the one item that is cleaned regularly with antibacterial agents. However, it seems that we’re not always so careful
with some of the other items we use on a daily basis. So, we’ve decided to make the humble toilet shine by dishing the dirt on this shortlist of other, dirtier everyday
items we live with.

Your smartphone and tablet Have you ever bothered to disinfect
your smartphone or tablet? As if! And I bet you take it to the john (come on, we know you do!).  Studies have shown your smartphone or tablet can have traces of up to 600
units of staphylococcus per swab; compare this to the john and you will only find about 20. If that’s not enough, your smartphone or table can also harbor the gastroenteritis virus for up to a month.

Your beloved beard chances are your Mrs is already on your back about the cleanliness of your beard, unless of course she loves the hipster look. Well, don’t tell her, but studies have shown that if our water system contained as much bacteria as the average beard it would be shut down! So do us all a favour and make sure you give your beard a good shampoo every day!
Your bath towel What does a bacterium require to grow? Organic material, heat and
moisture, and guess what your bathroom has, all three. Add some dead skin cells and presto, your bath towel is bacteria heaven! Your toothbrush ….                         Unfortunately…..

Your toothbrush isn’t safe either. It has been documented that
when you flush the toilet, tiny droplets of water can move up to six metres, so if you
leave your toothbrush on the counter like most Aussies do – and the toilet
seat’s up – you may be in trouble.

spongeThe kitchen sponge
We’ll finish this story with the kitchen sponge. It is potentially one of the dirtiest things in your entire household. It often harbors salmonella and has been shown to be 200,000 times dirtier than the average toilet.

Now that we’ve got you cringing we’ll stop. Grab some disinfectant and go to town!!



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