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5 reasons to support local businesses

When you buy goods and services from a small local business, the money stays in the community, supporting the local economy. The businesses pay taxes, which then go towards funding public services, schools and other municipal services.

1. Small businesses are significant job creators

Small businesses provide meaningful employment opportunities for the people living in the community and therefore help improve the quality of life for these individuals and their families. Small businesses care about their employees and often have long-term employees that stay with the business as it grows.

2. Local businesses support one another

Local businesses often support each other by purchasing goods and services from other local businesses, which helps keep money circulating within the local community. Local businesses are more invested in the local community. They are more likely to support local charities and organisations by sponsoring local sports teams and clubs and participating in community activities.

3. Intimate understanding of the local community

There are numerous benefits to using local businesses when you need goods and services. One of the most significant advantages is that a local business intimately understands the local area. Local business owners are usually residents of the area in which they operate and live, so they know the pulse of the place. This local knowledge can be beneficial to you as a customer because you’ll receive personalised, informed guidance that considers your specific needs. The owners and employees often build relationships with their customers, leading to a better customer service experience.

4. Positive environmental impact

There is also the environmental impact by using local businesses which often require fewer resources than larger corporations and tend to be more environmentally conscious by sourcing locally, reducing packaging waste and using sustainable practices. When you support a local business that prioritises environmental sustainability, you are supporting a greener future for the community.

5. Keep money in your community

Rather than having your money go to big businesses, direct it towards improving your local community. Local businesses are owned by passionate individuals who are your friends, family, neighbours, and future friends. These people often share the same values and passion as you do. Supporting local businesses is the easiest way to put money back into your community.

Overall, using local businesses can be advantageous for you as a customer and the community as a whole. So, whenever you have an opportunity, it’s worth giving local businesses a shot!

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