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7 benefits of owning a hot water safe tray!

Hot water-safe trays, when used in conjunction with an automatic shut-off valve, offer an additional layer of protection against potential leaks and failures.

As a homeowner or a property manager it’s essential to understand the key benefits of incorporating them in your plumbing system. Here are some significant benefits:

  • Prevents water damage: A fail-safe tray prevents water damage from leaks or failures in the water heater system by containing any escaped water. This protects floors, walls and other nearby structures from costly damages.
  • Minimise clean-up costs: By preventing and reducing the extent of water damage, a fail-safe tray saves you money on potential restoration and repair expenses.
  • Reduces mould and mildew growth: A tray can effectively contain water, reducing the risk of fungal growth. This is crucial since mould and mildew can seriously affect air quality and health.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations: In some jurisdictions, fail-safe trays for water heaters are required by building codes and regulations. Installing one can prevent legal issues and ensure compliance with local codes.
  • Detect early leaks: Fail-safe trays have sensors that detect leaks and prompt timely repairs, preventing extensive damage.
  • Insurance premium savings: Insurance companies may lower premiums for homeowners who prevent water damage which could lead to savings.
  • Peace of mind: A fail-safe tray ensures that if a sudden water heater were to occur, major disaster won’t be caused; it provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

    In short, a hot water heater fail-safe tray & automatic shut off valve can protect against water damage, save money, improve safety, and provide you with a peace of mind. With just a small investment, you receive significant protection and potential long-term savings.

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