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A plumber’s top five tips for a Spring-ready home

If only there were a way to maintain an orderly and functional drainage system without spending excess time and money on your plumbing this Spring. Well, with the right plumbing team on your side and by applying these five simple tips, you can avoid wasting your Spring clearing your shower drains and wash basins. 

To protect your home from clogged drains, water damage and to keep all aspects of your plumbing working efficiently, we’ve shared our five top tips to keep your plumbing in working order this Spring. 

1. Test your toilet 

It is common for residents to have a toilet leak inflating their water bill without them noticing. Testing your toilet regularly for leaks will help ensure you get a handle on the situation before your water bill goes out of control. The easiest way to test for a leak is to open the lid on the toilet tank and add a few drops of food colouring. Don’t flush. Wait an hour or two without using the toilet. When you return, if the food colouring has seeped into the bowl, you know you have a leak and need to call an experienced plumber to fix it.

2. Unclog your gutters

Gutters, downpipes and drains tend to collect debris, leaves and twigs over Autumn and Winter.  If your gutter or downspout is clogged, water can back up, leading to water damage throughout your home. Unfortunately, it’s common for people to forget to clean their gutters following the cooler months, leaving them clogged up and at risk of severe water damage. Therefore, when Spring arrives, it’s essential to dedicate time to clearing out your gutters and downpipes.

3. Assess your sprinklers and outdoor taps

During the colder months, it’s common for taps and sprinklers to freeze and fracture over time. Therefore, when the Spring season hits, it’s crucial to thoroughly check for leaks linked to damaged pipes and outdoor taps. Leaks can add to your water bill without your knowledge, leaving you with an unpleasant surprise when bill time comes around.

4. Check your hot water system

Even small leaks can quickly become a large problem when it comes to hot water. Leaks in your hot water system will likely go unnoticed until you do not have enough or no hot water. Furthermore, it is essential to check your hot water regularly, especially after the colder months, Contact our expert team for help ensuring you have a fitted tempering valve to regulate the hot water and prevent scalding.

5. Call plumbing professionals to assess your home before Spring  

Despite being proactive and applying all the above tips, your drainage system ultimately demands a comprehensive one-off spring clean. Our team of professionals can come to your home and thoroughly clear your drains. During our visit, we will ask whether you are experiencing any additional plumbing problems, such as water leaks and provide an overall plumbing health check for your home. 

–Whether you need help clearing your drains, repairing a broken pipe, or inspecting your hot water heater this Spring, the plumbing experts at David Frith Quality Plumbing are only one call away on 02 9521 8197.