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Ceramic disc vs traditional tap washers

In our experience, most households opt for a mixer tap in their kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. However, there are still houses with singular hot and cold taps complete with a spout. When installing the singular hot and cold taps, it’s essential to know whether to install taps washers or ceramic disc spindles.

What are ceramic disc spindles?

First things first, what are ceramic disc spindles? Picture two ceramic discs with holes in them. One disc is fixed, and the other moves around with the tap handle. The water is stopped when the tap is turned, and the discs are aligned. Less pressure is put on the discs allowing them to last longer.

So why ceramic disc spindles?

Ceramic disc spindles are more advanced technology designed to make turning the tap on or off easier. Smooth operation is particularly important for elderly people or people with arthritis. Making the taps easier to turn also means less wear and tear on the tap, which means maintenance costs are lower.

Additionally, ceramic disc spindles require less maintenance with robust construction and are less likely to wear down and start leaking. In the long run, this can save households time and money having to repair or replace traditional tap washers. On the flip side, ceramic disc spindles are slightly more expensive.

Traditional tap washers

Made from rubber and silicone, traditional tap washers function by compressing against a seat to stop the water flow when the tap is closed. The downside, however, is that traditional water taps can leak over time.

Have you ever wondered why your faucet is constantly dripping even though you’ve turned it off tight? Traditional taps have washers that wear down and split, resulting in a constant drip. The more you have to turn the tap, the washer is wearing thin and nearing replacement. Traditional tap washers are easy to service, and replace and are slightly cheaper. However, they require regular maintenance, which can add up over time.

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