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Five simple ways to save water around the home

Water is necessary for any home, but with near-constant droughts and water shortages in many areas of Australia, people are looking to save water wherever possible and reduce their water bills.  

To help you play your part in saving water and cut costs on your next water bills, here are our five top tips to help you reduce your water usage around the home.

1. Saving water in the bathroom

As you may suspect, the bathroom is one of the biggest water drainers in the home. If you want to save water throughout the home, making minor changes to your bathroom habits can help you significantly reduce your water bill. For example, when shaving, use a sink of water to rinse the razor instead of under a running tap. 

While it can be hard to keep your showers short, especially during the cooler months, shorter showers can help you reduce your water wastage. In addition, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, in combination with other minor adjustments to your bathroom routine can help you save water and money over time. 

2. Saving water in the kitchen 

In the kitchen, water is essential for food preparation, drinking, and for cleaning up, but there are still ways you can cut down your water usage with little sacrifice. For example, rinse vegetables in a sink of water instead of under a running tap. 

In addition, by keeping cold water in the fridge, you can save by not having to run the tap until the water is cool enough to drink. We also recommend looking for water-efficient alternatives for your taps and dishwasher. By applying these tips, you can start to save money on your water bill. 

 3. Saving water in the laundry

Just like the bathroom, the laundry can be another culprit for draining large amounts of water. However, there are things you can do to reduce your laundry water usage and wastage. For example, purchase a water-efficient washing machine, such as a front loader rather than a top loader, as front loaders can use up to 70% less water. Plus, ensure you only use the washing machine when you have a full load of clothes, and if they need a soak, use a bucket with just the right amount of water you need. 

4. Saving water outside 

Now we’ve covered the insides of your home, there are plenty of ways that you can save water outside the home. For example, opt to sweep your driveways and paths instead of hosing them down. In addition, using a cover on your swimming pool can reduce water loss through evaporation. Finally, our expert plumbing team can help you install rainwater tanks, which uses recycled rainwater to water the lawn, flush the toilet or for the washing machine, helping you save costs. 

5. Detect leaks early!

Did you know that just one dripping tap can waste 12,000 litres of water in a year? Our top tip for saving water around the home is to check your taps, fittings and pipes for leaks regularly. By noticing the leak early and contacting our plumbing team to help you fix them as soon as possible, you can start to minimise the amount of water you lose over time. 
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