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Gas Heaters


Gas Heaters
Portable Gas Heater Tips

With Winter fast approaching & the temperatures starting to drop most people are reaching for their portable gas heaters & turning on their pilot lights to their gas fire places.

Here are our 3 tips to ensure that your gas heater starts first go!

1. If it’s a portable gas heater or fire place grab your vacuum cleaner & suck all the dust that has accumulated over Summer, pay special attention to fans, pilot lights, tiles & filters.

2. For portable gas heaters check the bayonet fitting is working properly, this can be done by inserting a finger and pushing against the spring loaded valve for 1 second to ensure that gas is coming through.

3. With a small amount of vaseline, lubricate the ‘o’ ring inside the bayonet fitting & the brass connection on the end of the heater hose, be careful not to block any holes, this will allow you to connect your heater to the bayonet fitting easily.

Now you are ready to go! Plug in your gas heater & follow the simple steps of igniting the heater located in your instruction manual.

If you are experiencing troubles with any of these steps or are smelling gas from your gas heater call 0411 086 859