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More Harm than Good, Plumber vs Handyman?

Plumbing requires professional experience and knowledge to perform correctly. While outsourcing a handyperson through marketplace websites might seem convenient, a general handyman often lacks the necessary tools and skills to complete seamless plumbing work.

With the rise of outsourcing platforms, David Frith has had to repair more jobs completed by an unqualified handyman than he ever did before. A job done by an unqualified person not only risks the possibility of furthering the problem, costing you more time and money, but it can also bring severe harm and permanent damage to your property.

“He was ankle deep in water installing a power point,” says David about one job he fixed.

“He turned the taps on and flooded the cupboards underneath.”.

Prevent further stress and have peace of mind knowing experts and well-equipped professionals manage your plumbing. With an experienced plumber, you will receive a permanent solution tailored to all your plumbing needs.

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