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Seven tips to making your bathroom your homes top selling point

When looking to buy a new home, people tend to look for homes that they can imagine themselves living in and enjoying. They will look closely at every room in the house, and if the bathroom appeals to them, this can be a major selling point. However, an aesthetic-looking bathroom doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. To help you determine how much of a makeover your bathroom needs, here are seven tips for renovating your bathroom.

1. Full renovation vs bathroom makeover

Bathroom renovations can cost at least $25,000 or more in most cases. A newly renovated bathroom can be a major selling point and push an undecided homeowner across the line. Therefore, it’s important to consider whether renovating your bathroom will help you to achieve a return on investment. In some cases, a minor bathroom makeover may help you to achieve what you need rather than a full bathroom renovation.

2. Clean your bathroom

Before you decide to spend large amounts of money on a full bathroom renovation, it’s important to start by giving your bathroom a thorough clean. Firstly, remove dirt and mould from grout and soap scum with natural cleaning solutions. Opt to use sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products rather than chemical-based ones. After you’ve given your bathroom a thorough cleaning, you can take a step back and consider whether you still need to:

  • Replace the floor and wall tiles?
  • Replace an outdated shower screen?
  • Get a new the vanity, bathtub and sink?
  • Get new lighting?

3. Opt for a neutral look

A new coat of paint should give any bathroom the fresh makeover look that it needs. If you’re considering selling at some point, stick to neutral colours. While neutral colours don’t appeal to everyone, they won’t make potential buyers feel like they must repaint the room. As a general rule, neutrals are safer than trendy colours that won’t appeal to everyone.

4. Lighting makes an impact

Lighting is an integral part of a modern bathroom. Having a singular overhead light is a sign your bathroom is dated. Bathrooms today tend to have four types of lighting: task, accent, decorative, and ambient. If you want a fresh, modern feel, talk to an electrician about installing more lighting in your bathroom.

5. Make your bathroom look bigger

For small bathrooms, there are ways that you can make the room appear larger. For example, the colour of the tiles on your wall and your floor can influence how the room is perceived. If you want to make the room look bigger, replace dark colours with lighter colours. Small patterned tiles can also create interest and can make a small bathroom appear larger.

In addition, a window or skylight can make any bathroom look larger. If you install a window, you can install it high on the wall or use frosted glass. Frosted glass allows light to enter the room, giving you the privacy you want but also making the bathroom appear larger. Remember to keep the colours you use in the bathroom as neutral as possible.

6. Remove clutter

First impressions count. No one looking to buy a new home wants to see someone elses clutter. A cluttered bathroom makes the room appear smaller and distracts the eye from the selling points of the bathroom. When cleaning your bathroom, remove as much clutter as possible, only leaving necessary items. Buyers don’t want to see anything that reminds them of housework, so remove sponges, toilet brushes, cleaning products and spare toilet rolls. If you have scales in the bathroom, remove them. The idea is to make the bathroom look clean, tidy and fresh.

7. Make your bathroom look brand new

Of course, when you are in the process of selling your home, you and your family will still need to use the bathroom. However, there are ways you can navigate this to keep your bathroom looking clean and brand new. Ensure that you remove toothbrushes, used soaps, razors and old towels after using the bathroom. Once your home is ready for show, take a step back and assess the bathroom with a critical eye. Everything should look clean, tidy and sparkling. Adding fresh towels will give your bathroom a homely feeling and add some colour.

Place fresh flowers or a pot plant on the vanity and ensure it is clean and has no water spots. If the bathroom looks fresh, tidy and unused, you’re ready to present it to potential buyers.

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