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Your guide to selecting the perfect kitchen taps

Are you renovating your kitchen and are wondering what kitchen tap would be your best option? If you’re not an experienced plumber, you’re not expected to know the ins and outs of the available tap range for households. A range of kitchen taps are available, each with its own benefits and unique usages. The perfect tap and spout for your kitchen may differ from the next, therefore it’s essential to understand the available options before making your decision.

What tap is best for me?

Taps come in a variety of configurations. Some require one hole, and others require two. However, many other factors come into play that should be considered. Some of the different tap options available include:

A one-hole tap – These will have a single hole for the tap and can have either one or two handles attached. A one-handle tap will usually be a mixer tap, and a two-handled tap will have hot water on one side and cold on the other. The handles can be on the sides of the tap or top, depending on which type you choose.

Two tap holes – Also known as dual tap holes, these generally have two spouts for hot and cold water. They offer flexibility when choosing and installing faucets, as they suit different types. This allows you to customise your sink to fit your unique preferences.

Deck or bridge taps – These have two holes for hot and cold water with one spout between the handles. The spout looks like a bridge, can extend to the middle of the basin, and is often moveable.

Whilst these taps offer a great starting point, there are even more within the range that comes in various styles, finishes and advantages. For example, taps can be sink mounted, but they can also be wall mounted. Taps are also available specifically for drinking water, water saving or eco-friendly taps.

Drinking water taps Offering a distinct design, these have a water filter and remove impurities from the water. These taps make it convenient to access purified water if that is a primary need for your kitchen.

Eco-friendly taps / Water-saving taps – These are virtually the same thing, but with different labels, and are designed to save water. These are beneficial for the environment and can help you save money on your water bill.

Choosing the perfect spout for your kitchen

Spouts are another essential consideration when choosing your kitchen tap, and your choice can vary depending on factors such as your sink configuration, style and maintenance preferences. When selecting the right spout for you, it’s important to consider:

The shape of the spout

  • The position of the spout
  • Required movement
  • Size
  • Sink size and configuration
  • Finishes and style of your kitchen
  • Quality and durability
  • Water efficiency

Spouts can be round or rectangular, simple or complex. They may come in a standard chrome colour or have a brass or copper finish, and you can find antique styles if they suit your kitchen’s feel. Spouts can also be “U” shaped or “F* shaped. Some other types of spouts include:

Base spouts – These start at the base of the tap and angle towards the sink. These provide a basic water flow and offer limited flexibility to additional features.

Column spouts – These have a straight tap and a “column” for water to come out. They often have a mixer on top but can also come in two-handle configurations.

High-arc spout – The high-arc spout offers a tall and curved design resembling a gooseneck shape. It provides increased clearance, ideal for filling and washing large pots and pans.

Spring neck spouts – Spring neck spouts are similar to those used in restaurants. They usually come with a spray head and can be used as a “hose” or left in place as needed.

Pull-out spouts – In these types of sprouts, spray heads are typically pulled straight towards you. A detachable spray head provides flexibility for filling containers of bottles that do not fit in the sink.

Ultimately, when choosing the perfect spout, you want to be sure that the shape, position and size match the look, feel and primary usages of your kitchen. If you have two sinks, ensuring your spout can move and be flexible is essential; therefore, opting for a swivel spout would be ideal.

However, if you have one large sink, focus more on the size of spout and the distance that it will be from the sink itself. It’s essential to have control of the spout, and not to feel cramped during usage.

When choosing kitchen taps and sprouts, the most important thing to remember is to opt for an option tailored to your needs. Our expert plumbers at David Frith Quality Plumbing can help you choose the right option. Get in touch at 0411 086 859 to talk about upgrading your plumbing.